2016 BMW X4 M40I

BMW’s list of high performing crossover SUVs keeps on growing as they introduced the 2016 BMW X4 M40I at the Detroit Motor Show. It is smaller and affordable yet has better handling, better braking and more power. This is an improvement of the M4 and has a coupe like appearance but with SUV proportions. The new drivetrain makes it a car for every occasion, the aggressive design on this German machine and the outstanding driving dynamics over any terrain will make it everyone’s favorite. It will be offered in seven body colors.

2016 BMW X4 M40I front

2016 BMW X4 M40I – Improved Body and Interior:

The exterior looks like it didn’t get any upgrades but it did, there is chrome on the bumper just below the fog lights and kidney grille. At the back there is an M40i badge on the rear bumper and the exhaust pipes are made of black chrome. The 2016 BMW X4 M40I will have standard 19inch alloy wheels with Michelin sport tires, they have a wheel base of 110.6 inches and buyers have the option of choosing 20 inch alloy wheels that come in a ferric grey color. This car will have a height of 63.9 inches and a width of 82.2 inches, the chassis is made of aluminum on a steel frame with carbon fiber used sparingly. The rooftop slopes backwards and raised wheels increase ground clearance in this crossover SUV.

The interior of the 2016 BMW X4 M40I will retain many aspects from the X4 design including leather covered sports seats, leather wrapped steering wheel with the door seals and many interior features having a prominent X4 M40i badge. Because of the sloping roof the rear seats head room and luggage space has reduced. A high definition BMW iDrive screen is at the middle of the dashboard for satellite navigation and rear camera view. It also controls entertainment and displays the HVAC settings. There are numerous knobs and buttons including a push start button, volume and heat adjustment knobs. Because it is a family car; security like child locks, traction control, lane departure, parking and collision sensors have been incorporated.

2016 BMW X4 M40I interior

2016 BMW X4 M40I – Drive Train and Transmission Updates:

The standard drivertrain is a 3.0 liter TwinPower inline-6 engine similar to the one in the M4 but it has been tweaked to produce 55 hp and 43lb-ft torque more than the previous engine. This is due to the fact that the turbo charger lets in more fuel to the cylinders and more power is produced. Its new improved output is 355 horsepower at 5800 rpm and 343 pound-foot of torque at 1350 rpm. This engine is mated with an 8 speed automatic transmission and it can maneuver through corners easily at high speed with its all wheel drive capability. The top speed for this engine is 150 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds making this car a beast on the road. The 2016 BMW X4 M40I suspension has been fitted with strengthened springs and anti toll bars for better handling.

2016 BMW X4 M40I rear

2016 BMW X4 M40I – Expected MSRP and Availability:

The 2016 BMW X4 M40I will retail at $57,800 before any additional options are added and is set to be in the market in the last quarter of 2016. Competition for this model will come from the Audi SQ5 and the Porsche Macan.

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