2017 BMW Urban Cross Review, Body and Design

The 2017 BMW Urban Cross has been designed with an objective of targeting the youthful population dwelling in the urban areas. The vehicle is comparatively smaller (even than the X1). It emerges with revolutionary features such as varied technologically tailored aspects which will make the vehicle cozy, powerful and convenient to drive. Furthermore, the Auto-maker has ensured that the 2017 BMW Urban Cross comes with a stylish look making the vehicle look exceptional.

2017 BMW Urban Cross front

2017 BMW Urban Cross – Body and Design:

The 2017 BMW Urban Cross will have a sleeker appearance compared to the former models. Among the conspicuous exterior changes include the protracted grille and broad bumpers which are aimed at competing with the other SUVs. The redesigned LED lights and fog lights make the vehicle to appear more elegant. The lights have been made more powerful for easy driving at night and in areas with poor visibility. The vehicle will be 157 inches long and weigh about 2850 pounds which is ideal for a contemporary high-speed vehicle. It comes with three and five doors choices and is available in diverse eye-catching colors. Additionally, the vehicle will have a couple-like roofline thus limiting the load space.

Concerning the interior of the 2017 BMW Urban Cross, the auto-maker has ensured that the SUV is comfortable for the driver and passengers. This is because the seats will be covered with superior leather. Furthermore, the new BMW will have abundant head and leg room hence boosting the comfort of the occupants inside. To enhance regulation of temperature, the vehicle has a twin climate control system. It has an updated infotainment which will be entirely controlled from the enormous touch screen mounted on the dashed board. The touch screen is also designed to caution the driver in case of a fault in any of the feature of the vehicle. To ensure connectivity with other communication devices, the vehicle has navigation GPS and wireless Bluetooth which will enable the driver to use his/her phone hands free.

2017 BMW Urban Cross interior

2017 BMW Urban Cross – Engine Specs:

Though the information is scanty, it is expected that the BMW Urban Cross will have a powerful and speedy engine since the car is designed for the youthful market. This small and finest SUV is expected to have three to four-cylinder engines enhanced by six-speed automatic or manual transmission. The engine is expected to have the capability of producing high horse-power and a similarly high torque. It is projected that the engine will provide a high acceleration such that it can pick a speed of up to sixty miles per hour in six seconds after take-off. The engine is further designed to provide higher fuel economy compared with the previous models.

2017 BMW Urban Cross rear

2017 BMW Urban Cross – Reveal and Price:

The new BMW Urban Cross is predicted to be available in the world car market including the United States by the beginning of 2017. It is projected that the base model will be affordable to familiarize the vehicle in the market. It is expected that its price will start from 32,000 US Dollars.

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