2017 BMW X2 Redesign, Arrival Date and Price

The 2017 BMW X2 is an elegant, sporty with a touch of elegance SUV that comes with a number of modern impressive elements ranging from its exterior, interior and the engine as well. This new auto mobile machine is an improved version of the BMW X1 and hence we expect a lot of similarities between these two machines. From appearance of the vehicle, its more than clear that it is a modernized SUV auto machine which will surely attract all the people who tend to have liking for high performing and elegant vehicles. 2017 BMW X2 comes with relaxing interior characterized by premium and state of the art elements. The drive power of this expected new arrival will be similar to that of the X1 mainly because this same power drive has proved to be very efficient and reliable.

2017 BMW X2 front view

2017 BMW X2 – Interior and Exterior:

A number of 2017 BMW X2’s features and elements are made from carbon fibre as well as other light though tough material. This has significantly reduced the weight of the SUV which has gone a long way in reducing the fuel economy of the machine generally. The front fascia comes with a similar though redesigned butterfly grille that gives the vehicle an optimal elegant look. Still at the front, the SUV gets a big enormous bumper aimed at protecting a number of element at the front as well as giving the vehicle an intimidating look. The drivers are sorted with a pair of high-tech LED lights that improves significantly the vision. The headlights too gives the X2 model an aggressive look. There are two air spaces on the front lower area meant to help the engine cool effectively. The model comes with a pair of restyled tail lights alongside a defogger situated on the rear window that is complimented by an automatic rain sensing wipers. The manufacturer has provided the market with a choice between the three or five door model of the vehicle. This highly anticipated SUV rides on pretty large alloy wheels that are complimented with high performance sport tires. The wheels are collaborated with highly enhanced suspension giving the vehicle a desirable stability even when driving in off roads.

The 2017 BMW X2 model has a very spacious interior alongside a huge cargo space. The interior too has been provided with a relaxed atmosphere with the help of the skilfully stitched leather seats. The cockpit has been fitted with user-friendly interface with an LED screen that goes a long way in helping the driver in monitoring the vehicles. The vehicle too has been fitted with security features that insure the passenger’s safety is guaranteed.

2017 BMW X2 interior

2017 BMW X2 –  Engine Performance:

Under the hood, the 2017 BMW X2 comes with a two litre inline 4 engine that has a high power output of 240 horse power. The engine is mated by an eight speed automatic transmission system available in a four-wheel drive system. Put in test with other vehicles in the same category, the X2 BMW has an impressive fuel efficiency. The SUV has a capability of accelerating from zero to sixty mph in less than six seconds (impressive record). The vehicles top speed is estimated at 155 mph.

2017 BMW X2 back view

2017 BMW X2 – Arrival Date and Price:

Going by reports, the 2017 BMW X2 is expected to hit the showrooms in the first quarter of 2017 while it price tag will start ranging from $31,000.

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