2017 BMW X3 Release Date, Features and Design

The BMW Company is planning to launch a third generation model of BMW X3. Just the other day, BMW X3 was given the license of printing money, but this segment is currently getting overcrowded. This majorly results due to the competition imposed with the excellent Audi Q7, Lexus NX, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Porsche Macan. Although this SUV vehicle is expected to be bigger, it will be the lightest of its kind. Its reduced weight comes as a result of the usage of materials of light weight. Likewise, this can be brought as a consequence of the more efficient engineering technique used in its designing process. We represent you the new 2017 BMW X3.

2017 BMW X3 front

2017 BMW X3 – Features and Design:

A lot of changes are expected to be seen in 2017 BMW X3. Some of the new prototypes that will differentiate this new model from its predecessors are new side sills, new bumpers, a rear spoiler and a side-effect grille.

2017 BMW X3’s cabin, the seats are said to be much lighter and slimmer. The seats are made in such a way that their lengths can be adjusted, and they can recline rear and front. Because of this, the leg room might increase, though not that much. The seats can be fully collapsed for long and even cargo area provision.

Other new changes that will be observed are bigger brakes, larger extra-cost sunroof, bigger wheels, front wheel air curtains that are drag-cutting, and air breathers as those in BMW X 5. The 2017 BMW X3 will have M sports packs of equipment and a choice of X-line. Its LED headlights are expected to be more adaptive compared to those of its predecessor.

It is very hard to judge this vehicle because of its heavy camouflage though it looks like the side windows will adopt a lower sill line that is more flowing. The D-pillar of the sill line will have a rounded profile, and the sweeping side strike is said to be set lower. According to the images of 2017 BMW X3 released, this BMW model appears to be lower and thinner. But, despite this fact, it is still said to be stiffer than its predecessor.

2017 BMW X3 interior

2017 BMW X3 – Engine and Performance:

2017 BMW X3 is expected to adopt plug-in hybrid technology from the BMW X5. This technology relies on a petrol engine of a 245 hp 2.0 liter and an electric motor of about 95 hp. All these components combined can produce an output of about 300 hp. It is also expected to have a very impressive aggregate maximum torque of around 516 lb ft. If you are typically driving this SUV car in an E-mode, then you will cover the range between 25 and 30 miles.

The fuel consumption of this SUV vehicle, which is about 74.4 mpg, is likely to increase when the industry changes from NEFZ (the current cycle) to WLTP test procedure.

2017 BMW X3 side

2017 BMW X3 – Price and Expected Release Date:

The new model BMW X3 is expected to be released either this year October or in January 2017, at the Paris Motor Show and North American International Auto Show respectively. Its price has not yet been communicated, but it is expected to be slightly higher than its predecessor.

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