2017 BMW i5 Electric SUV

This SUV is BMW’s third model of the “i” green-themed series. It is going to be an Eco-friendly electric SUV with enough room to comfortably fit five passengers. The i5 will feature a more conventional style versus the provocative i3. This model is intended to attract a different demographic than the i3 and i8. It will be more suited to road trips and family adventures than the city-style i3 and high-class i8. BMW is committed to creating the most efficient hybrid vehicle possible and part of this takes place in the manufacturing process. Producing a BMW Eco-friendly vehicle uses up to 50 percent less energy and 70 percent less water than manufacturing a traditional model. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from the 2017 BMW i5 electric SUV.

2017 BMW i5 front
2017 BMW i5 – Cosmetic Changes:

It has been reported that the body of the i5 will feature crossover design elements. With rounded edges and wraparound back windows, this SUV model will have the appearance of a futuristic family vehicle. It will feature regular front-hinged doors so passengers can enter and exit with ease.  The exterior and body of the 2017 BMW i5 electric SUV is specifically designed to weigh less in order to have an increased range. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic is used in the foundation. This material is as strong as steel with half the weight.

While this i5 model is mainly an electric family vehicle, it won’t lack any of the luxury and technology that BMW lovers are accustomed to. Even the interior materials are environmental friendly and made with sustainable methods, accentuating BMW’s commitment to the Eco-friendly movement. The seat upholstery is a combination of high-quality textiles and leather accents. BMW is using olive leaf extract as a natural way to tan the leather for the i5 upholstery. Accents will feature open-pore eucalyptus wood from Eco-friendly certified forests. This beautiful wood actually becomes more rich and appealing over time.

A spacious interior fits five passengers plus baggage. The rear overhang and leg room area are being extended and the result will be a crossover vehicle slightly larger than a MINI Countryman.

Drivers will have the full benefit of touch screen navigation and other highly innovative driver assistance features. The electronic system in the 2017 BMW i5 electric SUV will be updated with the latest information and entertainment tools.

2017 BMW i5 interior
2017 BMW i5 – What’s under the hood?

The 2017 BMW i5 will feature a larger lithium battery with a better electric range. It is estimated that this new battery will hold a charge for up to 200 miles. Drivers can charge this vehicle at stations all over the world. This BMW i5 SUV will be powered by a permanent magnet AC synchronous electric motor. Powered through the rear axle, this motor will generate up to 170 horsepower. It is likely that an optional range extender such as a 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine will be offered by BMW.

2017 BMW i5 rear
2017 BMW i5 – When can it be seen on road?

The expected base cost of the 2017 BMW i5 Electric SUV is about $50,000. This innovative BMW SUV will be released during the later half of 2016 as a 2017 model.

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