2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i

The new BMW X3 has finally got its way up among compact luxury crossover SUVs seemingly without any struggle. This is pretty remarkable for a vehicle in its seventh year of production, the new BMW X3 xdrive35i has been designed in such a unique design that no “Cons” have been able to get there yet. Although 2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i may not have pretty clear notable changes, it clearly stands out from the previous models. In particular, the new headlights make it look sportier, while new modern diesel engine lowers consumption hence taking fuel economy to new heights with a few changes in real-world performance. Needless to say that the BMW X3 just got better with age and leading in both performance and luxury in today’s. BMW still holds the advantage over other compact luxury crossovers.

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i front

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i – Best Among its Segment:

The 2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i now has a more aggressive look with much bigger wheels and aerodynamic package.it also has had revision to the headlights and tail lights making it one of the best looking cars in its class. This customized brushed aluminum makes its exterior look more luxurious. The height has also been raised and suspension customized a bit making this new model more suitable for off-road trips. On the interior part, 2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i comes fitted with soft leather seats to enhance more comfort to the driver and the passenger, the steering wheel has more controls to enable the driver reach as many controls as possible without having to pull away from his seat.

It will also come with refreshing awesome looks and technological features that will provide the passenger with an entertaining experience. Some of the new features will include a new audio system that will support Bluetooth and USB connections, and a climate control system for harsh weather. The dashboard will have a security system for monitoring the car, a monitor to switch between normal and race drive options plus a navigation system that will be programmable to the taste of ones use; it will allow uploading and downloading of one’s personal maps to help the driver to navigate through the entire route with the help of GPS. It will also have an added feature where one will be able to check texts, mails and calendar events.

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i interior

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i – Power Unit:

The new 2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i comes with a choice of two engines; the standard rear-wheel drive turbo charged four-cylinder engine with a max of 240 horsepower and the all-wheel drive turbo-charged six-cylinder diesel engine with a massive torque of 300 horse power.

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i will be capable of accelerate to 0-60 miles per hour in just 5.0 seconds which is really remarkable for the SUV model. More importantly the new BMW X3 xdrive35i will offer a good power and fuel economy with its new engine which also has low-carbon emissions. This engine will have an eight speed transmission system that is designed to shut down the SUV’s engine and automatically restart it when one lifts off his foot from the brake pedal.

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i rear

2017 BMW X3 xdrive35i – Reveal and Price :

The retail price suggested by the manufacturer for the new BMW X3 xdrive35i is about 60,000 USD. Its release date is expected sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

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